Coming up with ideas for Gestures:

# Gestures should be a metaphor for what the character is thinking or doing

# Always understand the intent of the gesture, what are you trying to convey

# Look for the the clearest, simplest, yet most original way. What is most believable for that particular character in that particular scene.

# avoid cliche' or at least try to do it in an original way

# Don't look at animation for ideas, go to real life reference. Be specific, add in nuance.

# Stay in character with your gesture choices. Don't just do what you'd do

# ask yourself, what will this gesture tell me about this character, in this particular state of mind

# consider your subtext when designing gestures

# take advantage of props and the scene environment

# design the patterns of the movement of your gestures

# look for other ways of doing the gesture, besides just the hands: the hip, the chin, a prop, feet. etc

# Subtle Gestures: the little things that a character does that tell you about how they're feeling or what they're thinking: figity hands, pursing of the lips

# reusing an idea from a previous scene, but re-purposing it to fit the current scene

# Keep Status in mind:

- High status individuals have a lot to lose and low status individuals have much to gain

- Generally the less an individual has to do the higher their status

- Everyone always desire to obtain a higher status, or at least retain their current status

- If a character wants to be cool, he stops doing anything

How to Use Gestures:

# Use the gesture to direct the user's eye

# Break up the way you are gesturing. try using one hand, both hands, props

# Doing the same gesture in different ways, will change the meaning

# try to only hit the accents vs. hitting every beat with a gesture.

# Use gestures to break up the texture of a shot.

# high status and powerful characters don't gesture much. lower status characters tend to be more nervous.


# Give the poses time to read and stage it where it can be seen ( inside or out of the body space )

# A general rule is to hit an accent in a dialogue around 4 frames before the dialogue ( go by eye, to see if it works)

# try to build in anticipation details that draw the attention of the viewer to the gesture before it happens